A house is a basic piece of construction—a foundation, walls, and a roof. Of course there is more to a home than just walls and shingles, but these are some of the main components of a house. Pretty basic but extremely important.

Houses provide us with shelter and protection from the elements. They keep us warm during the winter and shaded during the scorching summer days. But what happens after years of battling the elements? Our houses won’t stay strong and undefeated forever, and when this happens action needs to be taken quickly.

If a roof leak, a gutter issue, or warped siding goes untouched for too long, it could cause damage to your house. These problems may seem small and insignificant, but they have a bigger impact on your house than you may have expected.

At Simmons and Sons Roofing, we offer services to help with these issues. We can take care of your roof, gutter, siding, and insulation needs, giving your home the extra support it needs and help it to last even longer.

If you notice a problem with your gutters, depending on the issue, fixing it as soon as possible can help you save your roof and siding. If your gutters are clogged and not draining correctly, the water can pool up and begin to seep into your roof, causing leaks and damage to your home’s interior and exterior. This could lead to your siding being damaged as well.

In this blog we will go over some of the most common roof, gutter, and siding problems and why they need to be addressed. We will also give you a few reasons that getting insulation in your home can truly benefit you.


The first thing you should know about roofs is that they have an expiration date. Roofs don’t last forever and it is important to keep that in mind the longer you spend in your house. Generally, roofs can last about 25 years, give or take a few years depending on the wear and tear. If your roof is starting to hit old age but looks completely fine, you may want to have one of our roofing pros from Simmons and Sons Roofing come take a look. We can tell you if you need repairs or a full replacement.

There are many shingle problems that are warning signs that your roof may need some repairs. Some of these include shingles that are:

  • Curling at the edges or in the middle
  • Cracked
  • Missing
  • Covered in algae or moss
  • Losing their granules

These shingle issues may just seem like normal wear and tear that shouldn’t have an effect on your roof as a whole. But these issues could actually show evidence of bigger problems. Cracked shingles scattered across your entire roof could indicate that it is time to start considering a new roof. Curling shingles is a sign of weathering and could lead to potential leaks, which may require a new roof.

And then there are the tell-tale signs that your roof is in need of some repairs or replacement. If your roof is sagging, has light beams streaming into your home, or has obvious holes and cracks, you have a problem. These are definitely things you want to call the pros for.


Gutters are one of the most important defenses when it comes to protecting your home against water damage. They control the flow of rainwater, drawing it away from your home and allowing your roof, foundation, and even landscaping to stay safe from water damage.

Gutter maintenance is important and can help you avoid even bigger gutter issues down the road. Some things to look out for are:

  • Clogs
  • Holes
  • Sags
  • Rust spots
  • Pulling away from roof
  • Separation
  • Cracks

Depending on the material your gutters are made of, your gutters also have an expiration date. Aluminum or galvanized steel gutters will generally last around 20 years, while copper gutters can last for 50.

Gutter problems can cause even bigger problems including foundations problems, water leaks and mold in your basement, exterior paint peeling, roof leaks, and more! Who knew gutters could have such an impact on your home? This is why it is so important to get them inspected, repaired, and replaced as needed.

You can give your gutters an extra hand by simply cleaning debris out of them regularly, allowing for rainwater to flow as normal, safely away from your home.


Siding protects you home from the elements. Rain, wind, hail, and other weather forces can cause damage to your home, and siding acts as a shield. Siding also acts as insulation, which saves you money on your energy bill. If you begin to notice your energy bill rising, you may want to take a close look at your siding.

While siding may look fine, the problems don’t always have visual signs. But when they do they may look something like this:

  • Mold and algae
  • Warped boards
  • Rotted boards
  • Cracks
  • Loose boards
  • Holes
  • Bubbles

These problems are slowly breaking down the shield that is protecting your house from the elements. Repairing or replacing your siding can help you rebuild your defense and help keep your home from suffering further damage.

Repairing or replacing your siding can increase your curb appeal, reveal structural damage that was hidden behind the siding, and allow you to insulate your home better. Siding is an important part of your home, it is more than just for good looks. If you think you may have problems with your siding, give us a call, we can do an inspection and tell you what steps you need to take.


While there are not major problems that go along with insulation of a home, getting insulation in your home offers many different benefits:

  • Keeps the temperature in your home regulated and constant
  • Saves you money on energy bills
  • Reduces energy use
  • Lessens your reliance on your HVAC

Simmons and Sons Roofing offers blown-in insulation which is more efficient, has no seams, is quickly installed, saves you money, and is environmentally safe! If you think your home could use some high quality insulation, we can help you out!

The roof, gutters, and siding of a house all play an important role in the structural integrity and protect it against the elements. If one becomes weak, the others are sure to follow. The upkeep and maintenance of these home features will help keep your house thriving longer and shield it from common problems. The longer a problem goes ignored or unnoticed the worse the damage will become. Your roof, siding, and insulation can also help help your home stay well insulated throughout the whole year—saving you money, keeping you comfortable, and reducing your energy use!

If your roof, gutters, or siding are looking worn out or are about to hit their 20th birthday, give us a call. Simmons and Son Roofing can help you determine the quality of your roof, gutters, and siding and let you know the next steps to take to keep your home staying strong. If you just simply want some eco-friendly and high-quality insulation in your home, we can help with that as well! Learn more about our company and contact us to get started today!