Discounts and Specials:

MAINTENANCE PROGRAM – Our maintenance program includes a visual inspection of the roof; resealing and repainting of any stacks, vents, chimneys, satellites, or other protrusions that may be applicable at the time; resealing any walls or flashings; sealing any loose shingles; trimming back any trees or shrubs from roof area; cleaning out gutters; and removing any debris from the roof. All items will be performed on an as needed basis. Maintaining a roof under this program has been documented to add up to 50% to the overall roof life expectancy. This is highly recommended at a minimum of two year intervals. To receive the full benefits of the program it should be administered annually. This maintenance program may be implemented at any time.

CHURCH DISCOUNT PROGRAM – We will give a 10% discount to any church building or charity building owned by a church or charity organization that is recognized by the U.S. government as a 501(c)(3) organization.

UP TO 27% SAVINGS OFF OF YOUR ANNUAL INSURANCE PREMIUMS – You are able to save up to 27% by using the correct type of material. The cost difference between the material used to receive this discount and the annual savings off of your insurance premium, on average, pays for itself in 4.4 years.

SAVE UP TO 30% ON YOUR ANNUAL ELECTRIC BILL – By installing proper ventilation in your attic you may save 10% to 18% on your electric bill. When you have, your house re-decked you may also see a significant reduction to your energy bill, by up to 30%, by decking your house with radiant barrier decking and installing proper ventilation. We also offer blown-in loose-fill insulation services that could help to reduce energy consumption even further. Be sure to ask us about all the ways we can help make your roofing system more energy efficient and help you save the maximum amount possible on every electric bill.

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